PST Password Recovery: Recover Your Lost Passwords

Lost & Deleted PST Password Recovery : Recovery was never so easy before!

Did you lost your passwords which you had used to lock your Outlook PST Files?
Are you searching for a solution that will help you in recovering your lost password?
Are you entering the right password but the Outlook is not accepting your password?
Do you want the same password that is allocated on your PST file?
Want solutions! Here they are...


Microsoft Outlook is personal information management software that was designed by Microsoft Corporation and is used by millions of computer users worldwide. It is available with the Microsoft Office suite and enrich with features like email application, Calendar, Task Manager, Notes, Journal with good web browsing capabilities. It can work as standalone software and also using the Microsoft exchange server & SharePoint server to meet all the requirements of organizations. Many versions of Outlook are available in market.

Microsoft Outlook saves all its information in a special file format which is known as PST. All your documents like e-mail, attachments, tasks, notes, journals and other outlook documents are saved in the file with .PST file extension. People saves their personal and confidential information in these PST files and don't want that someone else access their files. People use passwords that prevent their documents from unauthorized access.

Problems occur when you assign a password on outlook PST file and then you forget the password. A possible reason of forgetting the password is that you have lost the notebook where you had written the passwords. Other reasons can also be possible. Suppose, you are in emergency and want information that is stored in the password protected PST file. Without knowing the passwords you can't access those documents. You wish to access those files once again. Now your wish can come true using the PST Password Recovery.

PST Password Recovery is a password recovery that can recover the entire outlook PST Passwords which you had earlier applied on your PST files. The benefits of this software are:


  • You can easily recover PST file passwords
  • Mail Account are also recovered instantly
  • The recovered passwords get stored on the clipboard
  • The PST Password Recovery supports all popular versions of Microsoft outlook
  • It has a clean and easy to use interface

There are many software companies that are making PST password recovery software. You just need to download the PST password Recovery software and install it on your Computer. The latest PST password recovery software can run on many operating systems like windows 98/Me/2000/XP and with all the outlook versions.

PST Password recovery works on the basis of a simple fact that the PST file has very weak encryption. This is good for people who had lost the passwords and bad for those who may have possible enemies with PST password recovery tool. You can recover PST Passwords and once again access your documents. It's a must have software for every outlook user since emergencies can be happen anytime.

User Guide : PST Password Recovery Software!

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