Remove PST Passwords using PST Password Removal

Do you use Passwords to make your PST files safer?
It's a good way to do so but are you facing some kind of passwords problems?
Have you lost the resources where you had stored all your passwords?
Is your Outlook File are not opening when you are entering the password or you have completely forgotten the passwords?
Are you thinking to remove the passwords from the Outlook PST files and again make your PST accessible?
Here is something that is made for you...

Microsoft Inc. is the makers of Microsoft Office Suite. The suit included many applications like word, excel, power point and outlook. Microsoft outlook is a personal information manager that is used to manage many things like:

  • E-mail - For sharing your comments, thoughts and information, attached documents.
  • Notes - For writing additional information that can be helpful in future.
  • Calendar - To Manager, remember special dates, set special occasional alerts etc.
  • Contacts Manager - To manage all your contacts.
  • Web-browsing - To search, surf through internet.

PST file is a format that is recognized by Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft Outlook stores everything in these files and therefore it is a very important and huge file. People stores all their personal, professional and public information in these files and would never want to share this file with other person. So they use the Password to secure the outlook PST files. It is alright till you either forget your password or the password has been hacked by someone else. If the person has changed the password then you can't access the PST files. If you forget the password then also the result will be same.

One simple way to stay away from this kind of problem is to use the PST Password Removal. Few years ago Microsoft has launched the utility named as pst19upg.exe that was made to upgrade old version PST files so that they can work with the later versions of Microsoft Outlook. It was a good product but it also had a disadvantage. While upgrading the files, it also removes the passwords of the PST files. So you can use this software to remove the passwords to remove your forgotten passwords. If you are facing password problems then you need pst19upg.exe and scanpst.exe. Scanpst.exe is software that can be found in c:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office (version number).

Steps to strip the passwords from PST file:

  1. Analyze the free space. It requires 3 times the space of original PST file.
  2. Find the temporary available space that will use in recovery.
  3. Copy the pst19upg.exe in that recovery space.
  4. Copy the password protected PST file in same recovery space. It might be possible that it can corrupt the file so you need to perform this operation with the copy of original file.
  5. Start Scanpst.exe
  6. Open command prompt and go to the directory where recovery will be occur
  7. On the command prompt type "pst19upg.exe -x filename.pst" and press enter.
  8. A progress bar will appear. A file with .psx extension will be created
  9. After completing the operation, rename the original file with some else name.
  10. On the command Prompt type "pst19upg.exe -i filename.psx". again the progress bar appear and it will create a PST file from psx file.
  11. Run Scanpst.exe to recover PST (if prompted)
  12. Test access to the file on outlook and go to the client.

Performing these steps will surely remove all your passwords from the file.