Clear PST password to access Outlook data smoothly !

Outlook is an application that can be used for both personal and professional usage. It allows you to check your mails without logging to your email account. Apart from emails Outlook also stores personal information like notes, contacts, tasks, journals, etc in a file called PST. Thus for the sake of data security many users keeps their PST file password protected. But sometimes situation occurs when you forget the password allotted to your Outlook PST file and hence losses access to the data stored in it. At this particular situation you need to clear PST password to retrieve all your lost PST file data back.

Emails are one of the fastest and commonest mean of communication that is being used by users all over the world. But many people find it difficult to manage their mails and messages to be used in future. Thus to solve this problem Microsoft has launched Outlook that manages your emails and other essential data efficiently and allows you to access them whenever required. As Outlook stores valuable documents therefore user assign password to their Outlook PST file. This password protects your PST from the reach of unauthorized users and prevents your data from getting misused. But many at times it happens that when you enter a password to access your Outlook account the following error message popup:

  1. “Incorrect password. Please enter the correct password.”

Such situation occurs only when you enter a wrong password to the text box. Hence the Outlook application data remains inaccessible to you unless you clear PST password.

Probably there are two conditions possible for such kind of error message:

  1. The PST file becomes corrupted or
  2. You forgot your Outlook PST file password

If corruption has occurred to the PST file you need to repair the damaged PST using PST repair tool. But if you have forgotten the password then you need to recall the lost password to access the PST file. If you are unable to recall the lost password then use the inbuilt pst19upg.exe utility tool to remove and clear PST password. This tool removes the password assigned to the PST file and makes it accessible to you. But in most of the cases it happens that after running this tool the password gets removed from the file but you cannot still access the data stored in the file.

Therefore for your defense it is recommended to use third party PST password recovery tool that recovers your lost or forgotten PST file password. This tool does not clear PST password but recover all your lost or forgotten Outlook PST file password of any length even containing special characters.