Decrypt Outlook password to make PST file accessible again !

Have you lost your Outlook password? Are you unable to access your Outlook email account? This is a common problem with most of the Outlook user. Outlook is a popular application widely used for sending, storing and receiving personal mails and other valuable attachments. Other than that user can also store data like contacts, tasks, appointment settings etc and can manage it whenever required. It has been often seen that most of the users secure their Outlook PST file with password. But sometimes it happens that user himself forget or lose the password assigned to Outlook account. At this point of time the only possible solution to overcome this problem is to decrypt Outlook password by any means.

Outlook stores all your sensitive information thus to ensure security to their data user assign password to their Outlook account. It generally happens when you attempt to access their password protected PST file a login windows popup displaying “enter a password” message. When you punch a password and click on the login button you receive the following error message:

  1. “Incorrect password. Please enter a correct password”

Such situation makes you unable to access Outlook PST file and the data stored in it. Thus to make your PST file accessible again you need to decrypt Outlook password. But before you fix this error problem you need to identify the cause behind it. Probably the following two reasons responsible for such critical situation:

  1. User entering wrong password or
  2. PST file corruption

Most of the error problems are caused due to corruption to the PST file. If this is the reason behind the error then you need to repair the damaged PST file in order to gain access to it. For this purpose you can widely use the inbuilt Inbox repair tool to repair the damaged PST file. This tool will repair the corrupted PST file and make it accessible to the user.

Other that that you may also experience such problem when you enter a wrong password in the login text box. Due to reason the above error message appears on your system screen. User enters a wrong password when either he does not remember the password assigned to Outlook account or unable to find the notebook where he stored the password.

Thus the only option left is to decrypt Outlook password somehow to make Outlook account accessible again. In order to recover lost Outlook password use PST password recovery tool. This tool is efficient enough to retrieve lost Outlook password of any length containing multiliguistic characters. This software reset the password of your Outlook account and makes it accessible to you.