Error Occurred While Removing PST Password!

In order to protect the PST files users set .pst password in order to stop unauthorized access of the important .pst files. So by setting the PST password user can prevent their important PST file to be accessed by anyone. But due to some reason or by setting very tricky password there may arise the situation in which user can forget or lose PST password. And due to this reason user becomes unable to access the PST file anymore.

In this situation you can try two different ways to recover PST password first one is by using password recovery solution and secondly you can try to remove the password by using Microsoft provided utility known as PST19UPG.EXE. It is originally a tool that upgrades the PST file. But on the other hand this utility also has one bad part that strip off the password; .PST19UPG is a command line utility that converts the file to .psx file. To perform this work you are required to run the command such as PST19UPG -x filename.pst and PST19UPG -i

While performing this work you may encounter error message: “‘PST19UPG’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file”. Generally the main cause of this error is the use of characters such as & ( ) ^; |, or in the file name- PST19UPG and after this try to run it through the command prompt. Actually these characters are used for naming the files, and if these characters are used in command prompt then you will receive this error message.

In order to resolve the problem you can use the quotation marks while running the command. Or you can also use ‘^’ before the character that are used by the file name and then try to run the command. If any of these activities work then you can easily remove PST password and then can access PST files again. But in case this does not work then you can use PST password recovery software.

PST Password Recovery software is one of the best solutions that offer good better solution to recover the lost PST password efficiently. Generally this software uses advanced scanning with the help of powerful algorithm and can recover the lost photos efficiently. This software has been especially designed to recover the lost password and most important this is that you can use it even if you don’t have any technical skill. On the whole this software is competent to recover the lost password that contains special characters.