Fix Failed importing… error using pst19upg.exe tool !

Once you loss or forgets the password of your password protected PST file you are restricted from accessing any of your Outlook data. Thus to deal with such problematic situation Microsoft has offered an inbuilt utility tool known as pst19upg.exe. This tool is mainly used to upgrade the older version of the PST file to the newer version but it can be beneficial for you as it removes the password of the password protected file during the upgrading process. But with all such benefits there are certain problematic issues related to pst19upg.exe. One such biggest issue is failed importing error with pst19upg.exe.

The inbuilt utility pst19upg.exe tool before upgrading convert the .pst file into .psx and reconvert it into an upgraded and password free original .pst format. You can use this utility tool through command prompt. When you use –x parameter the tool converts the password protected file into .psx and convert it back to .pst file when –i parameter is used. But at times it happens that the tool fails to reconvert the .psx file into .pst and generates failed importing error with pst19upg.exe.

However you receive the error message on your system screen somehow like in the following format:
Failed importing PROPERTY 36E41102 (scode: 80040600) Failed importing PROPERTY LIST Failed importing FOLDER 0x00000122 Program terminated in error (80040600)

The aforesides error message clearly signifies that pst19upg.exe has failed to import the converted .pst file into its original format. Hence your problem remains unsolved and you remain stuck with your work.

To make Outlook PST file accessible again you need to fix this error problem from your system. In order to fix this error you first need to identify the cause of this error in your Pc. The root cause of this error is failure of pst19upg.exe to upgrade target PST or remove the assigned password. When pst19upg.exe fails to upgrade your PST file and remove the password it generates failed importing error in your system.

However fix the error problem and to make your PST file accessible you can check if there is an updated valid backup file available. It is always suggested to create a copy of PST file before using pst19upg.exe tool to avoid such kind of problems. You can easily restore your PST file data from the recently updated backup.

In case if there is no backup available then you need to use a third party PST Password recovery software that is being specially designed to recover lost PST password. This graphically rich tool is easy to install and use and recovers password of any length containing special characters. The tool efficiently resolves failed importing error and makes your PST file accessible again.