Guidelines to recover missing PST password from MS Outlook 2007 !

Microsoft Outlook application is the most popular application of MS Office package on which every computer professional love to depend on. The driving factors responsible behind the popularity and demand of this application are its ingenious features and functionalities. The excellent features of Microsoft Outlook allows you to store and manage emails, contacts, notes, appointments, calendar entries, tasks, journals, and many other essential data in a single indexed PST file. As these data are sensitive therefore you need to take extra care of it. If you are sharing your system with others then it would be better if you lock your PST file with password. This will help you to prevent your PST file data from the access of illegal users. But at times it happens that you experience lost or missing PST password situation that results into severe data loss situation.

PST file password can contain capital and small alphabets both, numeric digits, and special characters. Outlook provides an option to change the assigned PST file password whenever you feel that it has been identified by malicious users. The technique to change the password is common. But when you keep on changing your PST file password frequent times a certain point of time it happens that you forget or lose the current password assigned to your Outlook account. Once you forget the correct password assigned to your Outlook account you become unable to access the data stored in your PST file.

When you try to access the PST file without entering a password the following error message prompts:

  1. “The password you have typed is incorrect. Retype the password.”

The same error message popup when you enter a wrong password to access Outlook account. In such PST password missing situation your PST file data remains inaccessible to you unless and until you enter the correct password. But it’s not so easy to recall the lost or forgotten PST password.

So to recover lost or missing PST password and to make your PST file data accessible again implement the following steps:

  1. Remove password from PST file using pst19upg.exe utility tool. This inbuilt tool offered by Microsoft is effective but sometimes it causes corruption to the PST file during password removal process.
  2. Therefore instead of using this tool it is recommended to go with the alternative option of third party PST password recovery tool.

The tool with its advance scanning technique recovers all lost or missing PST password assigned till now. The software supports all versions of Outlook including MS Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 and even 2010.