Null password bug in Microsoft Outlook!

MS Outlook uses 32-bit value. This is to determine whether to ask for password to users. Users have to type password to make value other than zero. In order to open PST file user must have to type password which matches to the same CRC value. If the CRC value is Zero, there is no requirement to type password to open PST file. But what will you do when you set password but that matches to the zero value of CRC. This is actually a bug and called -- Null password bug in Microsoft Outlook .

If you have set password to the PST file and it matches to the zero CRC value then first time Outlook will accept password without complaint and next time when you try to open PST file, you need not to type password.

Microsoft Outlook provided feature to set password to your PST file for security purpose. So that you can prevent the unauthorized access to PST file. As PST file is the collection of email messages, Notes, calendar etc and these are important for you so you don't want to make it private and hence protect PST file with password. But the most important thing is password protection provided by outlook is not so strong.

In reality, Outlook password is not saved in the PST file. Instead of 32- bit, this is the representation of original password. Number is generated by using CRC32 algorithm with minor modification. This algorithm works to verify the data integrity. In place of using some muddling techniques, MS Outlook uses this algorithm for password protection. But even after setting password it matches to zero CRC value, it represent Null password bug in Microsoft Outlook.

Set new password to the PST password to fix out this bug. If accidentally you forgot PST password then you can use PST password recovery tool. It will methodically scan file and give you set of password which are enough to open PST password. You can save retrieve password on Notepad or any other text editor.