Outlook does not recognizes PST password after system breakdown !

Outlook is one of the most popular email client applications that is being used all across the world. This application is popular because of its storage capacity of your emails, contacts, messages, tasks, appointment settings etc. All these information are being stored in a file called PST. This file is often assigned a password security in order to prevent your data from being accessed by unauthorized users. But sometimes it happens that Outlook does not recognize password of PST file.

Consider a scenario that while you are accessing your Outlook application and suddenly you experience system crash when program conflicts with each other. After recovering and restoring your system data back when you try to access your Outlook PST file you receive a message asking you to enter the password. When you enter a password you are prompted with an error message saying wrong password please enter the correct password. This can make you feel surprised.

Such situation can occur when any one of the following cases are true:

  1. PST password is not correct
  2. PST file is damaged

Sometimes Outlook does not recognize password of PST file when the password you entered is incorrect. You need to check that whether the password you entered is correct or not. If the entered password is incorrect enter the correct password in order to access Outlook PST file.

Whereas in the later case it might be possible that PST file might have got corrupted due to unforeseen system failure. It can be possible that due to the system crash Outlook PST file has got damaged and has now became inaccessible.

To resolves this problem you upgrade your PST file by using pst19upg.exe tool. This tool is an inbuilt utility tool of MS Outlook that retrieves lost PST file password. But the biggest drawback of this tool is that it removes the password assigned to the PST file.

Therefore rather than opting for this tool you can go for a commercial PST password recovery software when Outlook does not recognize password of PST file. This software tool is quite ingenious. As the PST file password is stored using CRC32 algorithm that generated 32 bit hash value. Therefore several values are there that matches with CRC value of PST password. This tool is equipped better specifications and comprises intelligible graphical interface makes it friendly to user.

PST password recovery tool offers three basic functions which include Outlook password recovery, PST file repair and split oversized PST file.