Fix Outlook page fault error in password protected PST file !

MS Outlook is a renowned application of MS Office package. This application acts store house of all local copies of your emails, messages, contacts, notes, appointment settings, calendar entries etc. All your information’s are stored in single file known as PST. As these data are valuable for everyone therefore it’s mandatory to enforce security to Outlook PST file. If you are using a shared computer system then anyone can view your personal data stored in PST file and can make alteration to it. But to stop this you can assign password to your PST file. But this does not work as smoothly as it seems. Sometimes user has to face error messages while accessing password protected PST file.Outlook Invalid Page Fault error is the error message that is mostly experienced by Outlook users.

Generally people assign password to their PST file to restrict unauthorized user access. A password protected PST can not be accessed by unauthorized users and hence your data remains protected. But sometimes user himself forgets or loses the password of their PST file.

Consider a scenario wherein you are supposed to check your emails received using Outlook application. To access the password protected PST file you need prompted to enter PST file password. In case you enter a wrong password your access is denied and you receive an Outlook Invalid Page Fault error message.

The causes behind this error message are:

  1. Word application is set as default email editor
  2. The password of the PST file is yet not cached
  3. PST file is not assigned as the default email directory

The only possible way to overcome this error problem is by punching correct password of your PST file when the prompt appears. But the worst thing happens when user himself forgets the password of PST file. When you forget the password of your Outlook PST file and unable to recall it again you will not be able to view your received emails and frequently receive Outlook Invalid Page Fault error message. Not only that you cannot access any data stored in password protected PST file. Hence your PST file becomes inaccessible.

At this situation you need to retrieve your lost PST file password using a third party PST password recovery tool. There are several PST password recovery tool are available in market. You just need to download one of them and get it installed in your system. The software retrieves the lost password of your PST file making the PST file accessible again.