Fix Outlook personal folder error in MS Outlook 2010 !

Outlook is an application of MS Office package. Outlook 2010 is the latest version of Outlook application. This application acts as a storehouse that stores all your emails, appointments, calendar, journals, events, notes, attachments etc. Outlook stores all these data in a file called Personal Storage Table commonly known as PST. Since the data stored in Outlook PST file are very sensitive therefore it becomes a common practice to impose password and protect it from undesired intrusion. Though often it happens that when you type a wrong password to access your Outlook PST file you receive an Outlook personal folder error message.

Usually while assigning password to Outlook PST file you are supposed to select “Save this password in password list” check box. If you haven’t selected the checkbox then every time to access Outlook PST file you will be asked to enter a password. However if you type wrong password you receive Outlook personal folder error message saying:

  1. “The password you have typed is incorrect. Retype the password”

The error message clearly indicates that the password you enter is incorrect and to access the PST file punch the correct password. Your access to the PST file is denied until you enter the correct password. As Outlook 2010 is a case sensitive application therefore you need to ensure that the CAPS LOCK is turned off while you enter password.

If this does not resolve Outlook personal folder error problem from your system then use pst19upg.exe utility tool. Microsoft has launched this utility tool with the purpose to upgrade older version of PST file to make it accessible in latest version of MS Outlook. But later it was found that while upgrading process it removes the password from password protected PST file. Therefore you can use this inbuilt utility tool to remove your PST file password.

Sometimes it happens that the tool fails to remove password imposed to the PST file. In that case make use of third party PST password recovery tool to restore lost or forgotten password of your Outlook PST file hence resolving Outlook personal folder error issue from your Pc.