Guidelines to resolve Outlook Prompting For Password issues efficiently !

MS Outlook is a popular email client application that comes embedded with several innovative and advance features and options. This application is very easy to handle and with incredible specifications. It is one of the most common email application widely used by professionals, home users and even the novice users. Outlook comes with a password setting option. You can easily set password to it and configure settings if you don't want to enter password every time you access it. But at times it happens that you experience that Outlook prompting for password each time you attempt to access it.

Common reasons behind Outlook prompting for password:

  1. Outlook password not stored
  2. Incorrect password

While assigning password to your Outlook email client application you are supposed to save the password by verifying the “Remember Password” check box. Outlook establishes a connection with your mail server which requests for a password from Microsoft Outlook client. If you do not save the password Outlook application ask you to enter password every time it connects with the mail server.

Thus to stop Outlook prompting for password you need to save the assigned password. The following steps illustrates you to save the password assigned to your Outlook account:

  1. Open Outlook and select the Tools options at the top of the window
  2. From Menu select E-mail Account option
  3. Then click on the View or Change Existing Account button
  4. Select the email account for which you want to save the password
  5. Finally select the Remember Password check box
  6. Click on Finish button to end the task

The aforementioned steps prevents Outlook prompting for password in your system. If the problems persist even after implementing the steps then you might be entering an incorrect password. Outlook password are case sensitive so ensure that the Caps Lock option is off deactivated while you enter the password. In case if you have forgotten password of your Outlook account then recover it back using third party PST Password Recovery software. The software comprises of strong and powerful algorithms that scans Outlook databases thoroughly and retrieve Outlook password of any length or containing special characters.