Best way to perform Outlook 2003 Password Recovery !

After huge success of Outlook 2000 and 2002 Microsoft Outlook introduced Outlook 2003. This version of Outlook application was integrated with more advance and powerful features with same purpose of sending or receiving emails, browsing internet, maintaining calendar entries, and many more. The best part was that in this version the size of the PST file was more than 2GB. Outlook store all your entered data in an encrypted PST file. Since these data are of great importance therefore it is mandatory to assign password to your PST file if you are sharing your computer with others. But sometimes it happen that user experience password loss situation in Outlook 2003. In such situation Outlook 2003 password recovery is the only option by which you can retrieve the lost password and get access back to inaccessible PST file.

PST password lost is one of the most common situations experienced by many Outlook users irrespective of the version of Outlook. Usually it happens that you assign password to your PST file in order to restrict the unauthorized user to access your important data and their misuse. Once you assign password to your PST file in order to access it, you need to provide the correct password assigned to it. In case if you enter a wrong password an error message prompt and Outlook consider you as an unauthorized user and prevents you from accessing the PST file. In that particular situation Outlook 2003 password recovery can be of great relief to you.

Microsoft offers a utility tool popularly known as pst19upg.exe tool. This tool is specifically designed to upgrade PST file from older version to newer version. During the upgrading process the tool removes the password imposed on PST file. Therefore if you have either lost or forgotten your PST file password and unable to access your PST files data then you can make use of this tool. PST19upg.exe will remove the password assigned to the PST file hence making the stored data accessible to you.

But there is certain limitation of this utility tool. This tool does not work with Unicode format PST file. Since your Outlook 2003 version supports Unicode format PST therefore this tool will not be able to run and remove password from Outlook 2003 PST file.

Thus for Outlook 2003 password recovery you need to go with the alternative option of third party PST Password recovery tool. The tool is integrated with advance scanning technique that scans the Outlook database thoroughly and retrieves all previously assigned PST file password. The tool is capable enough to recover password of any length even containing special characters.