Outlook 2007 won't save passwords in Vista: Save it Now !

Windows Vista is one of the most popular and widely used operating system. It is much more stronger and advance than the earlier version of Windows operating system. Despite of that Vista is not free from the risk of data loss situation. Microsoft Outlook is one of the best application for managing and accessing personal information data. But unfortunately when Outlook 2007 is used in Vista several unpleasant situation are experienced by user. One of the most common problem experienced by Vista user in Outlook is that Outlook 2007 won't save passwords in Vista.

Since Outlook holds your personal information like email, contacts, notes, journals, calender entries, appointment settings and several other personal data therefore many user assign password to prevent it from unauthorized access. But at times it happens that when you attempt to access your password protected Outlook account a window pop up asking you to enter the password. The problem becomes crucial when Outlook constantly ask you to enter the password even though you check the “Remember Password” check box while assigning the password.

The situation becomes annoying as Outlook 2007 won't save passwords in Vista in spite of checking the Remember Password check box. Since it involves lot of risk as once you forget the password of your Outlook account your PST file and the essential data stored within it becomes inaccessible to you. So it becomes essential for you to fix this problem in order to avoid data loss.

The following steps demonstrate that how to make Outlook 2007 save password in Vista:

  1. Exit from Outlook and launch Windows Explorer
  2. Then type %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Protect text in the address bar
  3. A single folder appears with a long name. Rename the folder with just another name and re-open Outlook
  4. You will be asked to enter the password. Enter the password and ensure that your check the box to remember
  5. You will find the the original folder gets re-created
  6. To ensure that Outlook remember your password terminate Outlook and re-open it again

After performing the above steps the problem of Outlook 2007 won't save passwords in Vista get resolved and you don't have to enter password each time you open Outlook.