Fix and remove Outlook 2010 Error 0x80070057 from Outlook 2010!

Outlook 2010 is the new product of Microsoft Office. This application is considered as the robust version of Office package. It comprises of rich and sophisticated features that attract users towards it. Outlook is the application that is widely used for sending and receiving mails. In order to send or receive mails you need to have an account in Outlook. But recently it has been found that Outlook 2010 users are facing Outlook 2010 Error 0x80070057 while they try to access Outlook application.

The error message appears in the given way on your system screen

  • “An Unknown Error Occurred. Error Code: 0x80070057”

There are almost two possible reasons that are responsible for causing this error problem in your system:

  1. When user tries to create a new profile in Outlook using Auto Account Setup Process or
  2. When user try to access the mailbox located on Exchange server 2003.

Hence user cannot create a profile in this new Outlook version.

Microsoft offers a hot fix package for Outlook 2010 on its website. Therefore you can download the latest hot fix package and fix Outlook 2010 Error 0x80070057 from your system. To use this tool manually follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to mail control panel and click on the show profile option
  2. Click on “Add” in the Mail dialog box
  3. In the New Profile dialog box enter a profile name and then click on OK
  4. You profile name and emails address get displayed in the Add New Email account dialog box
  5. Click on manually configure server setting or additional server type check box
  6. A dialog box appears in which you must select Microsoft Exchange and Email services
  7. Click on Next
  8. In the Microsoft Exchange setting box enter exchange server name and then click on finish
  9. Click on OK and then restart Outlook.

You need to follow the above mentioned steps to make your system free from Outlook 2010 Error 0x80070057 error. But if you don’t want to go through these hassles and make an effortless resolution of this error issue use PST Password Recovery software. The tool uses its powerful algorithms and programming methods and fixes the error problem from your system. It is compatible with almost every version of Windows OS.