MS Outlook Does Not Recognize PST Password After System Crash!

These days it is possible to assign password in the Microsoft Outlook PST (Personal Storage table). This is specially done to provide safeguard of entire data, and at the same time proves that whole data are safe and secure by preventing any one to access the important data easily. In general the PST password is saved with the help of CRC32 algorithm and it generates 32 bit hash value that signifies it. But there occurs some critical situation in which PST password is not identified by MS Outlook and this happens because of PST password is damaged or is incorrect.

Not only is this but this may happen that while using MS Outlook your system crashes and then with the use system recovery software you becomes able to do system recovery but after this you determine that the Windows Profile is almost damaged and can’t be accessed any more. Therefore in this situation you can try to import all the MS Outlook contents but when you try to do this then Outlook gives error message that the password is incorrect but when you try to perform same procedure then also same message is shown.

Generally the main cause of this problem is PST password may have been damaged or spoiled. This generally happens because of unforeseen system failure. But then there is nothing to panic as such now with the availability of new and improved techniques you can recover MS Outlook password.

Solution of the problem:

In this situation upgrade PST by pst19upg.exe, this file is very helpful in making the older PST file along with the latest version of MS outlook. With the help of this tool you can easy access email, contacts and other items that are contained in it without accessing or need of password. Secondly you can also use Commercial Outlook Personal storage table recovery solution. This tool can be used on the sheltered PST File and with this you can get a set of new PST password.

Generally this software is very trusting relating to PST password that is saved on 32 bit hash value. While performing this work there might be many values that can match cyclic Redundancy check that is a value of table password in personal storage. Personal storage table Recovery is the most powerful software that has graphical interface and is equipped with superior options to recover pst password. Entire procedures that are followed are absolutely non-destructive and safe that maintains the data integrity while performing recovery techniques of MS Outlook PST password recovery.