PST password cracker tool cracks the password of your PST file!

Outlook is an application that comes bundled with Microsoft Office. This application is broadly used to perform operation like sending or receiving emails. Outlook stores all its information in a PST file. The Outlook mailbox stores the correspondence of your emails. Therefore most of the Outlook user assign password to their Outlook application. This will help them to restrict the unauthorized user’s access. Therefore the data stored in your Outlook mailbox remains safe without any alteration. But people often forget or lose the password of PST file. The best way to resolve this problem is to use PST password cracker.

Many at times you might end up with a situation when you forget or loss the password assign to the PST file. This situation lets you down as you cannot access the data stored in the PST file. It becomes very difficult for you to recall the lost Outlook password as you try different combination of letters and numbers to recover the lost password of PST file. Or else you can search the record files in your computer to retrieve the lost PST file password. But what if you don’t get your password from there also? You feel helpless and the situation becomes quite annoying for you.

PST password cracker is a simple way to get rid of this problem. This third part utility tool is a very useful tool as it recovers the lost PST file password very quickly. It retrieves the lost password in approx less than 1 second. The user interactive interface of the software makes it easy even for a novice to use the software. The powerful and strong algorithm of the software is responsible for quick recovery of the password.

PST password cracker tool does not encrypt the file where user stored all the passwords. It sorts out the characters and creates a new password for the account. Instead of the fact that the old password is different from the new one Outlook will accept the new password and user can login through it. This is how it works for you and user can reset the password after login into the account.

Therefore if you intend to retrieve the lost password of your PST file you can download the demo version of the software in your computer and restore the lost PST file password. As the size of this software is very small it won’t take very long for downloading. But the demo version of the software will recover only the first three characters of your password. For complete recovery you need to install the full version.