Get your lost PST password back with PST Password finder !

Many Outlook users protect their PST file with password in order to prevent it from unauthorized access. This keeps your data safe and secure and away from the reach of illegal users. After assigning password to the PST file even the user himself needs to enter the assigned password. So it is necessary to remember the PST file password. But in some situations it happens that you forget your PST file password which give rise to several unexpected problems. But no need to worry any more as with the help of PST password finder tool you can find your lost or deleted PST password.

When you forget or lose the password assigned to PST file the biggest problem that occurs is that you become unable to access the PST file. The data stored within PST file including emails, contacts, notes, journals, calender entries, appointment settings, tasks etc becomes inaccessible to you. Hence in that case you can neither view, send nor receive emails from your Outlook account.

Password lost situation usually arises when:

  1. You do not select “Save this password in your password list” check box while assigning the password
  2. The notebook gets lost where you have stored make entries of all your passwords
  3. You forgets the password assigned to PST file

Hence the situation becomes annoying and frustrating for you and you start seeking for PST password finder tool to find lost PST file password.

One of the most common solution to your problem is pst19upg.exe tool. This tool is an inbuilt utility tool provided by Microsoft to upgrade PST file. But the tool comes with a limitation that it removes the assigned password while upgrading PST file. This limitation became an advantage during PST password lost situation. Though this inbuilt tool is effective but often it causes data loss situation. Thus it is recommended not to use pst19upg.exe tool to maintain integrity of your PST file data.

In that case you can use the alternative option of PST Password Recovery tool which is an ultimate PST password finder. The tool comes well embedded with advance and powerful algorithms that scans your Outlook database deeply and find and restore all password yet assigned to PST file. The best thing about the software is that it recovers password of any length and even containing special characters.