Resolve PST Password Issues after pst19upg Program Fails to Run!

Personal storage file consist many important files that keep importance of its own so in order to provide protection to all these important files you are required to keep your .pst file in password protection. It will generally provide safety to your important e-mails that are stored in the file. This is one of the most reliable methods of having prevention against the curious eyes and avoids their unauthorized and undesired access to your important documents. On the whole with the help of password protection your secret emails will become protected against undesired intruder access.

But there are situation in which you may forget or lose the password and due to this reason you will become unable to access the .pst file. Therefore to solve this problem you can use Microsoft pst19upg.exe utility, as such this utility has been especially designed in a manner to strip off the password from the file. This tool has been designed in a manner to upgrade PST, but there is a side effect in this utility that while trying to recover the lost PST password it may also remove the password but then it tries to retrieve the data from those that become unable to be accessed. In case this utility does not work then the password recovery software will be needed.

Reasons of improper working of Microsoft pst19upg.exe utility are as follows:

When you have downloaded the Microsoft pst19upg.exe utility in order to strip off the password from the file then the operation fails because of the error that suggest that Microsoft pst19upg.exe utility cannot be found. OR when you try to open the Microsoft pst19upg.exe utility then the window opens appears for a moment and then the application cannot run any more. The major reason for this problem may that the utility cannot be found by the system because the application may have not installed properly. Other reason for its inaccessible may be because of incorrect method of calling the program.

The problem may be resolved and for that you need to follows some important steps:

  • At first make sure that you have used the files correctly as such if you are calling it through root command then make it sure to use correct commands. Or you may also install the program in the root folder of the affected PST.
  • If the problem continues then try to reinstall the pst19upg.exe utility.
  • If the problem remain as it is then you can use PST Password recovery software to resolve the problem.

PST Password recovery uses advanced application to recover the lost or forgotten PST password. This software generates many PST usable passwords that are copied in the word-processor file or text-editor. It has been especially designed in a manner to recover lost PST password. This software has simple to use interface and is quite interactive.