Retrieve lost PST file password with Password recovery tool!

Internet provides email facility to user so that they can easily communicate with each other. To use this facility you need to have a personal email account. These accounts are private property of each individual which they make secure by assigning password to it. Password plays an important role in the security of your email account. But it often happens that people using multiple passwords frequently forgets their password.

Similarly when you forget the password of your Outlook file then for PST password retrieval you need to use PST password recovery tool. The situation becomes very harassing when you forget your PST file password and are unable to recall it. In that case you loss access to your PST file and cannot update your mails. In that case a third party PST password recovery tool is the best solution to this problem and needs to be downloaded as frequent as possible.

There are several PST recovery software available in market you can select any one of them according to your preference for PST password retrieval.

When user forgets his password and enters a wrong password the following error message gets displayed on the screen

  • “The password you have entered is incorrect. Enter the correct password”

This error message signifies that the password entered by user is incorrect and needs to be rectified in order to access your PST file. When such situation arises then you can take help of pst19upg.exe. This tool allows you to upgrade your old PST file into a new one. But there is certain limitation of the utility tool. The biggest drawback of the utility tool is that it doesn’t work with PST file in Unicode format. Therefore it can only be used with Outlook 2002 and the earlier versions. There is also a risk of password of the PST file getting ripped by use of this tool. Hence it is advisable to create a backup file of the original PST file before using this tool.

Therefore the best way to recover your lost PST file password is by using PST recovery software. The third party utility software ensures safe and quick PST password retrieval. The tool recovers and restores all your mail objects like emails, contacts, tasks, appointment, attachments, events and many other essential data. It acquires the ability to retrieve passwords with special characters and is fully compatible with all versions of Windows operating system including Windows 7, NT4, 2000, 2003, Vista, and XP.