How to access Outlook emails when PST Password Not Working !

When its about managing your personal data nothing stands before Outlook. MS Outlook is the most prefered personal information manager application widely being used by millions of users. It comprises of several sub applications like email application, contact manager, appointment and reminder setting application, calender and task manager and many more. With such advance and sophisticated features Outlook becomes a multipurpose application for personal data management. Outlook stores all these application in a file called PST. Since the file stores numerous confidential data many user impose password to Outlook PST file. Though the password protects your PST file effective but in certain cases user might encounter a situation where they find PST password not working.

Outlook comes with a password setting option. This option prevents your Outlook data from being accessed by unauthorised user. Consider a practical scenario where you try to login to your Outlook account. As you enter the password to login the following error message appears on your system screen:

  1. “Invalid Password. Please enter the correct password”

The error message clearly indicates that the password you entered is not correct. To access your Outlook account you need to enter the correct password. At this situation when PST password not working you become unable to access your PST file data until you fix this error problem. Therefore you need to look for means to resolve this error problem as soon as possible. One can fix the error issue only after knowing the cause behind it. The root cause behind this error problem is incorrect PST password.

Since Outlook is case sensitive therefore you must ensure that while you enter the password the CAPS LOCK key remain disabled. In spite of that if the entered PST password not working then it is the case of PST password lost.

In that situation you are suggested to follow the instructions given below:

  1. Make use of inbuilt utility pst19upg.exe tool to remove the assigned password from PST file. Though Microsoft launched this tool to upgrade PST file upgrade later it was found that during the upgradation process it removes password assigned to the PST file. Therefore if you have lost or forgotten password of your Outlook account then use this tool to make PST file password free.
  2. But in many cases it has been seen that this tool does not provide successful results

So instead of using this inbuilt utility tool it would be better to opt for third party PST Password Recovery software. The software with its enhanced features retrieves and restores all your lost or forgotten password yet assigned to PST file.