Pst19upg Cannot Create .psx File!

This is very generally that the user sets password in the MS Outlook PST File in order to protect from undesired access of the .pst files. But at the same time PST password may be lost or forgotten as such this is one of the most common problem that generally happens with the user. In order to recover the lost PST password you can use one of the most commonly used utility that is pst19upg.exe. Its most common function that can be used to strip off the password and enable the user to use recover the data from password protected PST.

But usually the expert says that this utility should not be used without keeping the copy of PST file as such this may result in the inaccessibility of the PST file. Considered a situation in which you have set the password of the PST file but then went to vacation or because of any other reason you have forgotten the PST password and hence becomes unable to access PST file anymore. Afterward you have downloaded the pst19upg.exe utility and run ‘pst19upg.exe -x filename.pst’ used it in order to make strip off the PST password.

But when you run try to run‘pst19upg.exe -x filename.pst’ command and proceed further in order to get password free PST file but at this situation the tool fails as such it becomes unable to create the PST from PSX file. With the help of this example it is clear that one should not use pst19upg.exe utility on single copy of password protected PST.

So finally when the Pst19upg cannot create from .psx file and finally becomes unable to recover the lost PST password then you can use PST password recovery software that has been mainly designed to recover lost PST password. This has powerful algorithm that performs advanced scanning of the error and finally become helpful in the recovery of lost password. This software restores the lost password without modifying the integrity of original PST file. This software provides some password each of which can be helpful in accessing the PST.