Guideline to recover PST password when pst19upg.exe does not work !

Microsoft Outlook is an email client and personal information manager widely used for sending and receiving emails. Outlook stores all your personal information including emails, notes, contacts, calendar entries, appointment setting etc in a single PST file. In order to protect these sensitive data user assign password to their PST file. But sometimes Outlook user encounter PST password lost situation. This stops them from accessing the data stored in PST file. But this problem resolved when Microsoft invented a tool known as pst19upg.exe. People started using this tool to remove password from PST file. But in some cases situation occurs when pst19upg.exe tool does not work.

Though pst19upg.exe tool was actually invented for upgrading PST file from older version to the newer but later people started using it as a password removal tool as it removes password from the PST file while upgrading it to newer version. The drawback of this tool became boon for user who forgets or loses the password assigned to PST file. But sometimes you come across a situation where pst19upg.exe tool does not work properly in your system. Such problem can occur mainly due to reasons like:

  1. Improper download and installation of pst19upg.exe tool or
  2. Calling the program inappropriately

Thus to resolve this problem from your system follow the guidelines given below:

  1. Verify the command used for calling the program
  2. Uninstall and reinstall the pst19upg.exe utility tool again

But sometimes it happens that the above mentioned steps fail to resolve the problem from your system. PST19upg.exe tool does not work in Unicode format PST file. Therefore if you are using Outlook 2003 or later version in that case pst19upg.exe tool does not work. Therefore in such situation it is recommended to use a third party PST password recovery tool to recover lost or forgotten PST file password. This tool uses advance algorithm technique and recover PST file password of any length and even containing special characters.