PST Password Lost with Cell-Phone Crash!

MS Outlook PST Files are kept safe by setting password in it, and the password is often stored at that location which is easily accessible by the user. These days’ mobile phones are playing an important role and user stores the password of important file in the memory of cell phones. But there may occur serious problem when the user losses the password because of cell phone crash. Due to this reason the password may be lost and the worst happens when the password is not saved at any other location. And when you try to access Outlook PST then you cannot remember the password and the .pst files remain unopened and inaccessible.

So this means that the password is lost forever and the user will be unable to access the .pst file any more. Then the answer is no the user can access .pst files but for that they will have to recheck for a previous backup and then you can easily delete the file in effect if a valid and problem-free backup is present, then you can simply import the messages and use them in the Outlook. And if backup is not present then the Password recovery utility is used to analyze and recover the lost PST password.

A PST Password recovery tool is one of the best utilities that can recover the lost and forgotten password. This software is not difficult to understand and thus has self – explaining steps that provide easy PST password recovery. It provides powerful algorithm with high scanning mechanism that recovers PST password. It recovers lost password in all the given circumstances:

  • No clue of PST password
  • Forgotten or lost PST password
  • Lost due to system crash

Generally it generates a series of PST password software that generates a series of password that can be used to open PST file. This tool supports MS Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2007.