PST Password lost after employee left the organization: Retrieve it now !

Outlook is a famous application of MS Office. This application is broadly used for sending and receiving emails. It acts as a storehouse that stores your emails, notes, tasks, appointment settings, calendar entries, journals, events etc in it. Outlook stores all your data in a Personal Storage Table commonly known as PST file. It has become a common practice among users to lock their Outlook PST file to prevent the stored data from unauthorized access. Outlook is one amongst the popular application that is being widely used both for home and office usage. But it has been often seen that lot of large companies and organizations faces problems when PST password lost after employee left the organization.

Considering a practical scenario where a company is running hundred and hundreds of employees under it. The employees working in the company use MS Outlook as their email client. When HTTP or POP3 email account is being used the emails gets stored in default PST file. The PST files stored emails remains in stake of privacy loss or accidental invasion if the PST file is not protected with password. To avoid such problems one of an employee of the company enforced password to his Outlook account. But the problem has become more critical as the company experiences data loss situation when PST password lost after employee left the organization.

Whenever you attempt to access the Outlook account a window popup asking to enter the password. As the password is unknown to you, you fail to access the PST file. In case if you make a wrong entry an error message prompts saying:

  1. “Incorrect password. Please enter a correct password”

It’s not that easy to recall or predict lost or forgotten password and hence the data stored in the PST file remain inaccessible to you resulting in data loss situation.

Thus to resolve password lost situation you start looking for means to retrieve the lost password. To resolve the crucial problem of PST password lost after employee left the organization you can follow the given instructions:

Make use of Microsoft inbuilt utility tool called pst19upg.exe. The tool is actually meant for upgrading PST file. After the upgrading process the tool generates a password free PST file. Therefore you can use this tool to remove the assigned password from the PST file and make it accessible again.

But there are some limitations of this tool as it offers successful results in limited number of cases. If this tool does not work for you then the only option left is to use a genuine third party PST Password recovery software and retrieve your lost or forgotten password back.