Recovery of Changed PST Password!

Using password protection is very important for MS Outlook PST which protects unauthorized access to your .pst file that may contain important files and emails. Generally user sets the password to PST file but it does not mean that once the password is set then it cannot be changed and reset again. To perform this work you are required to click “File” menu and select data file management in order to select the desired PST file for resetting the password. After this you can select the “Settings” options, and there choose “change password” option feature and in that you can specify the required details.

But sometimes due to the some problem of saboteur the PST password may be lost. This generally happens in organization in which the employee has PST password and according to the rules of organization all the employee has recorded the changed password in confidential database of the organization. But certainly one of the employees is expelled from service due to some performing some unauthorized practice. But then the employee has reset the password before leaving the organization in order to disrupt the work.

In this situation the PST data would be lost just because of changed password or lost password. Then the necessity to recover the lost password becomes important for the user, so to perform password recovery you are required to follow some given solutions:

  • You can use “pst19upg.exe” utility that has been especially designed to strip off the password. The actual work of this program is to upgrade PST, and also mean successful in removing the password from encrypted PST.
  • And if “pst19upg.exe” utility does not work then you can use backup if available and if this is also not available then you can use PST Password Recovery software.

This software has been especially designed in such a manner that can recover the lost password and even the changed password. This software has powerful algorithm that performs scanning of problem due to which the password has lost and finally recovers the lost or changed password. This is one of the most eminent software that can recover the lost PST password within couple of clicks. This software provides different password with which you can access your PST file again.