PST Password not saved in Password List Leads to Recovery!

To protect important .pst file user generally set password, this becomes helpful to stop undesirable access of PST file. MS Outlook allows two options to the user related to password in personal folder file. In the first option user can save the password in password list and secondly decides not to save it. So in order to save the password you can select “save this password in password list”, this option is shown in the dialog box to create the personal folder.

However there are some users that does not save the password in the password list and due to this there arise the situation in which the .pst password are lost or forgotten and due to this reason they become unable to access the .pst files and folders. Due to this reason whenever user tries to access the Outlook PST, in this situation it becomes necessary to recover the lost PST password. This would be able to fulfill with the help of powerful photo recovery software.

This problem or issue generally occurs when the user does not save the personal folder files password in the password list ad at the same time does not configure .pst file as default mail delivery location. The lost of password may also occur when the rule that has been defined that refers to the password protected Personal folders file or those files which are consistent of an item and has been triggered in MS Outlook.

In order to resolve the problem efficiently it is important for the user to perform some important workarounds, they are as follows:

  • At first disable entire MS Outlook rules.
  • If .pst file that are password protected is your default mail delivery location, then you can either specify the password each time when you log in or you can change it.
  • Then you can analyze task and calendar items that will be helpful in determining the triggered item.

After performing all this workouts user is still unable to recover the lost password then they can use PST password recovery software. This software has been designed in such a manner that can recover the lost password as such it comprises of powerful algorithm that performs advanced scan. Not only is this but along with impressive features it also has easy interface ad can be used without prior technical training. This solution provides multiple passwords with the help of which user can gain the access of locked PST.