Recover unsaved PST password to access PST file without interruption !

Since Microsoft Outlook application holds your essential files and documents thus to ensure security to the data often the PST files are password protected. The password prevents your sensitive data like emails, contacts, notes, calender entries, appointment settings, tasks, etc from unauthorized access. While imposing password to the PST file many at times it happens that user forgets to save the password due to which later encounter password lost situation. As a result of which your PST file becomes inaccessible to you and continues unless you recover unsaved PST password.

At the time of assigning password to your PST file Outlook provides a password save option. A “Save this password in your password list” check box appears asking you to save the assigned password in the password list. If you select this option then the password gets saved and you can access your PST file without entering password. But the situation becomes critical when you do not select this option. In that case when you attempt to access PST file data a dialog box appears prompting to enter the password. If you have lost or forgotten the password assigned to your PST file and punch an incorrect password then you receive the following error message:

  1. The password you have typed is incorrect. Retype the password

The error message clearly indicates that the password typed is incorrect and unable you to access your PST file. Thus to make your PST file accessible again you need to recover unsaved PST password immediately.

To recover lost or forgotten PST file the best way to use pst19upg.exe tool. Microsoft offers this inbuilt utility tool that removes the password from the PST file and makes it accessible to you. But this utility does not provide successful results in all cases. However for complete recovery of your lost PST password the best solutions is to use third party PST Password Recovery tool.

The tool integrated with advance scanning technique deeply scans your Outlook database and retrieves all the password yet assigned to your PST file. It even recover unsaved PST password irrespective of its length and special characters.