Resolution of Error 0x80040600!

Generally user provides password to personal storage files so that to provide .pst files full security against undesired and unauthorized access of the important file. But sometimes the user forgets the password so in that condition pst19upg.exe software is used to recover lost PST password. In reality this tool has been designed in a manner that it upgrade the older version PST and enable it to work with later version Outlook that is free from password protection. But in reality it is said that the user should not go against the integrity of the PST files.

Some realistic instance that makes you realize that the integrity of PST files is necessary otherwise it will cause error, such as:

When the user creates password protection to Outlook PST, after sometimes when the user tries to unlock the password then he cannot remember it anymore. Then user runs pst19upg.exe to remove the password but when the user tries to open the PST file then the following error occurs:

An unknown error occurred error code 0x80040600
This error occurs because pst19upg.exe utility corrupts the password protected PST file.

Resolution of error:

The user should always backup the PST files and should avoid using pst19upg.exe utility. Although to resolve the problem you are required to repair the corruption at first. The installation of Microsoft Outlook has in-built utility that is called Inbox repair tool that fix the corruption in the PST files and for this it is important view the hidden files and folders and then locate the ‘scanpst.exe’ file. This automatically starts repairing the corrupted PST.

In case file cannot repair the corruption, then you can use PST Password recovery software to resolve the problem. This software uses advanced method and procedure to provide safe scanning and resolve the error and due to this it proves to be the best software that recovers the corruption and also lost and forgotten PST Password. This software is eminent and powerful that can be easily used in the recovery of the lost and forgotten PST password.