After Reformatting Hard Drive: PST Password Lost!

It is necessary to protect the data of the MS Outlook PST; generally the password is supported by the MS Outlook for all its data that are its data files. Since MS Outlook uses .pst file in order to store the entire email, contacts, notes etc. As such Outlook is mostly used for business purpose therefore it is obvious that it contain private, confidential and important email messages. Entire email information is transferred to the default PST files and is locally stored in your computer. These files can easily be accessed by anyone but if the users want to have full security against the access of the PST files then this can be done by enforced password protection.

With this you can have full security of entire data in the .pst files and at the same time the it prevents the unauthorized access but if the password is lost or forgotten because of any reason then it may become a great loss for the user as such they will be denied of accessing .pst files. In this situation you require the PST password recovery software. In general there may be some realistic problem that may be responsible for password loss.

You have enforced the password protection of your MS Outlook PST that contains entire e-mail messages. At that time you have selected the save the password in your password list’ and after this you have lost the original password that were set. In this situation you have reformatted hard drive and that time kept the backup of MS Outlook PST without removing the password protection. After all this you can restore PST but is unable to access it because you cannot recall the password.

In this situation you cannot password protected PST due to computer does not retain the password list after the hard disk gets formatted. This is due to the list has been refreshed and now it is not possible to recollect the password. In this situation you lose the password of the Outlook PST file. Therefore to regain the PST password and access of PST data, you require access some important steps they are as follows:

  • At first check if the backup of PST is available then restore the data.
  • You can download the pst19upg.exe, then unzip it and restore the same folder in which the PST file resides. Then you can run this command prompt and for that you can use pst19upg.exe -x filename.pst and pst19upg.exe -i filename.psx commands
  • You can also use password recovery utility. Generally these tools have specific application that is specially build to recover the lost PST password. These tools are easy to operate and have self explaining steps. These tools uses powerful algorithm that can scan the problem and recover the lost password efficiently.

The password recovery tools have efficient utility that recovers the lost and forgotten PST password. Generally all the password recovery software supports MS Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2007 and resolves the problem of lost and forgotten PST password and efficiently recovers the PST password.