Unable to access PST files due to forgotten password !

Microsoft offered Outlook an email client application for Windows users to perform operations like email sending and receiving processes. Apart from that it also offers facility to manage and access of your saved data including emails, contacts, journals, notes, calendar entries, appointment settings etc. Outlook stores all these data in a single indexed file known as Personal Storage Table commonly referred as PST. Since this data are crucial enough thus to ascertain the security of their sensitive data many Outlook users assign password to their PST file. However many at times it happen that user become unable to access PST files due to forgotten password.

The situation becomes really frustrating and annoying as you cannot access your stored data unless and until you enter a correct password. Password lost situation generally arises when you forgets to select ‘Save this password in your password list’ dialog box while assigning password to PST file. When you try to access your PST file without entering a correct password the following error message prompts on your system screen:

  1. “The password you have typed is incorrect. Retype the password.”

The error message appears as a bolt from the blue making you unable to access PST files due to forgotten password. Thus you start seeking for solutions to make your PST file accessible again. In order to resolve the inaccessibility of PST file problem from your system first you need to understand the cause behind it. As the error message says the root cause of the problem is incorrect password. You might have either forgotten or lost your PST file password due to which you enter a wrong password and get prohibited from accessing your data.

Thus to fix this problem from your system follow the guidelines given below:

  1. Since the PST password is case sensitive therefore ensure that the Caps Lock is off while you enter the password
  2. Strip off the password using pst19upg.exe inbuilt utility tool

In case if the above mentioned steps does not work and you are still unable to access PST files due to forgotten password then use a third party PST Password Recovery software. The software employs its advance scanning technique and scan your Outlook database deeply hence recovering all password yet assigned to your PST file. It has an excellent specification of recovering password of any length consisting special characters.