To unhide Outlook password use PST password recovery !

Outlook is one of the most popular applications of MS office. It stores local copies of all your emails, calendar, events, messages etc in a PST file. As these data are important for you therefore people often enforce protection and privacy using a password. After you assign password to your Outlook account you need to enter the correct password before you try to open the PST file. Thus if you forget or lose PST file password the file becomes inaccessible. It’s not that easy to recall the lost PST file password. Therefore you need to look for some other options to unhide Outlook password.

Consider a scenario where you try to send an email message using MS Word. You receive an alert message asking you to enter the password of your Outlook account. If you ignore this prompt or enter a wrong password the message sending failed and you receive an Invalid page fault.

This happens when any of the following conditions becomes true:

  1. MS Word is being used as default email editor
  2. PST file password is not cached or
  3. PST file is not being used as default email delivery location

Thus to overcome this situation and to unhide Outlook password you can follow the steps given below:

  1. Check that the PST file is specified as your default email delivery location and MS word is not configured as default email editor
  2. Insert the correct password of your password protected PST file when this message is prompted

Such situation can also occur when you enter a wrong password. At this situation when you have lost or forgotten PST file password then to deal with this issue you need to use PST password recovery tool. This tool retrieves all the lost information of Outlook account like user id, password etc. It has the capability to restore long, complex and even multilingual password. This tool is best to unhide Outlook password as it is compatible with every version of Outlook.

Therefore if you are suffering through such problems and want to restore lost Outlook password PST password recovery is the ultimate solution to your problem.