Unmask Outlook password with PST password recovery tool !

Outlook is an email client application broadly used for sending or receiving emails. People create multiple accounts to access this application. To ensure security to you often employ password to each of your Outlook account. Password keeps the PST file protected from the reach of unauthorized users. But sometimes it happens that you yourself forgets or loses the password of PST file account. This unable you to access Outlook PST file. The data stored in the PST file becomes completely inaccessible. Unless you unmask Outlook password you can not view, open or delete emails from Outlook application.

Outlook sets a password to PST file to restrict the anonymous user from access your important data. A password protected PST file ensures safety and security to your PST file data. Outlook saves the password using CRC32 algorithm that generates a 32-bit hash value in order to signify it. At times a situation arises when Outlook fails to identify the PST file password. This happens when you forget the correct password of PST file and enters a wrong one.

Therefore to unmask Outlook password there is an inbuilt utility tool available called pst19upg.exe. This tool removes the existing password and makes the PST file accessible. Hence you can use this inbuilt tool and access all your PST file data.

But sometimes it happens that this tool fails to remove PST file password and hence the data remains inaccessible for you. At this very situation you need to use third party software to retrieve lost or forgotten PST file password. PST password recovery software is a tool that is broadly used to unmask Outlook password. This software tool is enriched with los of exciting features that makes the recovery process easier. It is compatible to almost every Outlook version including Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, and 2007 etc.

All in all PST password recovery software is a three in one tool that performs three task repairs damaged PST file, splits oversized PST file and recover lost PST file password.

Therefore if you have lost your Outlook password and unaable to recall it use PST password recovery for quick and easy recovery of lost Outlook password.